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Naming Ceremonies, AdelaideNaming ceremonies are conducted as a formal introduction of your child to your family and friends and for them to share in the naming of your child. It provides the opportunity for the important people in your child’s life to express their wishes and hopes for your child’s future. Naming ceremonies can also welcome adoptive or stepchildren into a family. They can be conducted at any age.

The ceremony can be held in any location, your home, park or other venue. Your ceremony will be presented to be inclusive of all family members and friends. You may decide to appoint Godparents, Guardians or Mentors during the ceremony.

The format of a ceremony can be as follows:
Introduction and Welcome
  Parents commitment
  Appointment of Godparents/Guardians/Mentors
  Naming of the Child
  Final Blessing
  Signing of Certificates

Rituals and readings can be included such as:
Candle lighting
  Rose petal blessing
  Poems and stories
  Container of wishes

On the day of the ceremony I will present a beautiful Naming Day Certificate to your child, and certificates for Grandparents/ Godparents/ Guardians and Mentors. You will also receive a keepsake copy of the ceremony as a memento of your child’s special day.

Your child’s Naming Ceremony is only limited by your imagination!

Renewal of Vowels Ceremonies, AdelaideRenewal of Vows
A Renewal of Wedding Vows ceremony can be conducted at any time you wish to affirm your belief in your marriage and your spouse. Many couples choose anniversaries or if they have been through a particularly difficult time in their marriage.
Whatever the reason, the ceremony creates the opportunity to celebrate the love between you as a couple. You may use your original vows or perhaps pledge new vows to each other which reflects who you are as a couple now and in the future.

Commitment Ceremonies, AdelaideCommitment Ceremonies
Commitment Ceremonies are for couples who have chosen not to marry but would like to declare their love for each other with their family and friends.